Source code for temple.exceptions


Temple exceptions

[docs]class Error(Exception): """The top-level error for temple"""
[docs]class InGitRepoError(Error): """Thrown when running inside of a git repository"""
[docs]class NotInGitRepoError(Error): """Thrown when not running inside of a git repo"""
[docs]class InDirtyRepoError(Error): """Thrown when running in a dirty git repo"""
[docs]class InvalidTempleProjectError(Error): """Thrown when the repository was not created with temple"""
[docs]class NotUpToDateWithTemplateError(Error): """Thrown when a temple project is not up to date with the template"""
[docs]class CheckRunError(Error): """When running ``temple update --check`` errors"""
[docs]class InvalidEnvironmentError(Error): """Thrown when required environment variables are not set"""
[docs]class InvalidGithubUserError(Error): """An invalid github user was passed to ls."""
[docs]class InvalidTemplatePathError(Error): """Thrown when a template path is not a Github SSH path"""
[docs]class ExistingBranchError(Error): """Thrown when a specifically named branch exists or doesn't exist as expected."""
[docs]class InvalidCurrentBranchError(Error): """Thrown when a command cannot run because of the current git branch"""